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What's the difference between a Standard, Move-in/out or Super clean?

Click here for a detailed explanation of our Standard, Move-in/out and Super clean services.

Do you bring supplies?

Included in your price is all of the equipment & supplies needed to clean your home correctly.

What is cleaned?

Every room in the apartment/home. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, carpets and floors, and extras like inside fridge, oven and windows if selected.

How long will my clean take?

Staff go from room-to-room addressing soiled areas. This takes time, so we can not give a length of time.

Standard VS Super clean?

A Standard service assumes your home is well maintained and just needs tidying up. A Super Clean is for clients who have deferred home maintenance. If there is soap scum, grime on the floors and/or extensive dust, then chances are you need a Super Clean. After your first cleaning we'll lower you to our Standard service.

Who's coming into my home?

We look for staff who genuinely like to please others and understand that this job is hard. We then check their backgrounds using a company called Goodhire, train them to clean the right way, send them out on a test clean with our staff and then insure them.

Are you insured?

Yes. Click here for our updated insurance certificate (opens in new window).

Do I need to be home?

No, you do not. Most clients are away at work when we clean. On the actual booking page there is a spot which requests instructions for entering your home. You can tell us where the key is hidden, your garage door code or to go see concierge.

When can you come?

Click the "Continue Booking Now" button and you will find a calender where you can choose from a range of available dates and times.

How do cleaning plans work?

Our system will automatically schedule your second cleaning exactly 7, 14 or 30-days after your first cleaning, at the exact time. This will continue unless you log-in or call to change your preferred date and time.

Discounts for cleaning plans?

Yes. The actual booking form will present to you the associated discounts for each plan.

I have pets?

We're pet friendly but we ask that let us know because some of our cleaners have allergies so we don't send them.

How do I pay?

We only accept cards. To protect your information our entire site is SSL secured.

What if I have more questions?

We're standing by, call us at (800) 838-6545.

Booking an appointment with Super Maids is easy, however here are answers to questions you may have

How do I create a Super Maids Booking?

All you have to do is fill out our secure, instant quote form, selecting the time and date that you want us to clean your home. It's as simple as that and will only take you 60 seconds. Once you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email instantly.

What if I don’t want to book online?

That's ok if you don't want to book online - we have a dedicated Customer Support Team here at Super Maids so just give us a call or email us at and leave your number and one of our friendly support team members will call you back.

Do I need to enter my card information to book?

Yes. We need to take payment information to reserve your date-and-time, but your card will not be charged until after your 48-hour cancellation period has expired. Guaranteed!

Is it safe to enter my card info on your website?

Yes. Our credit card processor (Stripe) uses 256-bit encryption to encode your credit card information so it is safe. This is the same level of encryption used by American banks to secure all of our private financial data.

How do I make changes to my booking?

It is simple to change or cancel your booking, you can either click the login button at the bottom of the homepage or please email us at so we can take care of your request. Please give us 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your booking otherwise there is a $75 cancellation fee.

Do you accept same-day or last-minute bookings?

Of course! We are really proud of the fact that we can book you in for a clean on the same day Just give us a call and we will book you in for that short notice clean at a time that suits you (min 3-hr notice with availability)

What is the Super Maids Guarantee?

We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results of your clean. If for some reason you are not satisfied, email us a brief note along with pictures of the missed areas within 24 hours of your appointment and we promise to send a Technician back to put it right for free. It's as simple as that.

Why should I hire Super Maids instead of a random cleaner that's cheaper?

We're glad you ask, please click here.

What is your recruiting process?

We hire only the most professional, reliable and experienced cleaners in your area. To be accepted as a cleaner for Super Maids all our candidates must undertake a rigorous selection and recruitment process. This includes a telephone interview followed by a face to face interview. If they pass these we then perform a reference check and background check. Finally we ask all candidates to perform a test clean so that we can inspect the quality of their cleaning. Only after passing the quality inspection then we welcome them to the family.

Will I get the same cleaner each time?

Sure, you will get the same team every time. Unless someone is unwell or enjoying a well deserved holiday from cleaning we will keep sending the team that you are comfortable and familiar with.

What areas do you serve?

Please refer to our locations page for areas we serve across the country

What services does Super Maids provide?

We offer three types of cleaning service. Standard clean which is a lighter clean that covers all the important areas of the house, perfect if your home is regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning service. A super clean which is a more thorough clean which we recommend if your house hasn't been cleaned professionally in the last three weeks. Last, a move in/move out clean. We can also offer you extra cleaning services to customize your clean.

What hours do you clean?

Hours may vary by location but for the most part our house cleaning services are available Monday-Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. Call customer support for time special requests outside of these hours.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We do not require you to sign any contract. You may cancel service at any time. Super Maids also reserves the right to cancel your service at any time.

How do I know what has been cleaned?

All of our cleaners work with a standardized checklist on their smartphones, that we guarantee to complete. They work through your home, ticking off the tasks as they complete them. Once they have finished all of the tasks on the checklist they submit it to Super Maids HQ for verification by a QA manager. That way you can be confident that all of the tasks have been completed to the highest Super Maids standard.

What is a Super Clean?

A super clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven't had their home professionally cleaned in the last three weeks.

Do you offer end of tenancy cleans?

Of course we do! At Super Maids we call end of tenancy cleans move in/move out cleans because sometimes you need a really thorough clean when you are moving into a new home. Our cleaners work to a checklist for move in/move out cleans, but if there is a specific task you want your cleaning team to focus on then please let us know.

Why do you charge a flat-rate?

We charge a flat rate price per number of bedrooms rather than per hour, this means that you know exactly what we promise to provide, and our cleaners keep working until the job is done. As our cleaner cleans using a standardized checklist you know exactly what is included in the price. It really is that simple!

What does flat-rate cover?

The flat rate pricing covers a thorough cleaning of your home based on a reasonable level of dirtiness. It does not cover extremely dirty/messy homes, abandoned homes with significant amounts of trash left behind, or homes that appear as if they could be on an episode of Hoarders. If, at the start of a job, we determine that your home is going to take longer than what we expect for a house of similar size, we will contact you to talk about adjusting the price, and/or prioritizing cleaning.

How should I prepare for my clean?

We would appreciate if items were picked up off the floor, and that dressers and counters were organized before we arrive. This allows the cleaning staff to clean more thoroughly, and will prevent our staff from putting away items in places where you may not be used to finding them. Also, please secure cash, jewelry and other small valuables. We also ask in the summer months if you could set your air conditioner at an appropriate temperature. In the winter months we would appreciate that the heater be set to a comfortable temperature.

Do I need to be home?

You do not have to be home in order for us to clean your home. In fact, many of our clients are usually not home when the cleanings are done. One way to let us in is to leave a key for us in a lockbox and let us know the combination ahead of time. Please make sure to disarm your alarm system or provide a code for us to enter. Also, specify on the booking form how we will be able to get into your home. If you choose not to leave a key and we are unable to access your home for a scheduled cleaning, we will have to charge a lockout fee of $70.00.

What time will my cleaners arrive?

Our cleaners will arrive during an arrival window, example a 8-9am arrival window means your cleaners will arrive anytime between 8am to 9am. This allows us to take into account heavy traffic, inclement weather and other unforeseen situations.

We recommend if you need to leave your house for example by 11am that you book your clean for 10:30am to make sure the cleaners are there in plenty of time before you need to leave. We will give you a call if your cleaner is going to be late.

How long will my clean take?

We estimate 30 minutes-1 hour per bedroom, but we do not guarantee a specific length of cleaning. Since each home is different clean until we are finished and the home is marvelous.

How many cleaners will clean my home?

This will vary between 1-3 cleaners and is based on multiple factors such as size of home, type of services selected, scheduling, and other factors. We do not specify how many cleaners will come but we do promise they will be friendly, efficient, and thorough.

Do your cleaners bring their own equipment and supplies?

We provide all equipment and supplies except trash bags and toilet bowl brush. You must provide the trash bags if you wish to have your trash relined. If you do not have a toilet bowl brush we will provide you with a brand new brush and add a $2 fee to your booking total (yours to keep).

What if something is missed or not cleaned properly?

You must call or e-mail us within 24 hours and we will work with you to make it right (Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee). Please be advised that we will not honor our re-clean guarantee if 1) you do not call or leave a message or e-mail within 24-hrs of the conclusion of your cleaning. 2) you are home and do not complete an end of cleaning walk thru to voice your concerns prior to the team leaving. No refunds are issued once payment is processed.

Can I book a recurring clean?

Yes, of course! We’d be delighted to stop by on a regular basis. Just select the frequency of your clean, monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly, when you make your booking. To say thank you we even offer you a Super Maids discount for booking a regular service. After your first booking your future appointments will be automatically booked in so you can expect your cleaner at the same time.

Can I book for anytime?

Of course! We put you into control so you will be able to view and select available appointment dates and times in real-time from our online calendar (minimum 3-hrs and with availability).

Can I make special requests?

Absolutely! We put you in control so if you have a particular product you would like us to use in your kitchen or a precious vase you want us to avoid when dusting just include the information in your booking. We will then pass these details onto the cleaner.

What happens after I make a booking?

Once you have completed your online booking you will immediately receive an email. This is there to reassure you that your booking has gone through. We will then assign a professional to your booking. Once we have assigned a cleaner to the appointment we will send you another email to confirm your appointment. We also send text message reminders to you before the clean, to make sure you don't forget!

What additional services does Super Maids provide?

For an extra charge you can book a number of services on top of your clean including:

1. Cleaning inside the oven
2. Cleaning inside the fridge
3. Cleaning the inside of your windows
4. Professional carpet cleaning
5. Cleaning inside of your cabinets and many more

Is there anything Super Maids will not clean?

We would like to say no, that anything is possible here at Super Maids. However, we do not clean the outsides of windows, mow lawns or walk your dog. Additionally, our housekeepers may not climb higher then a step stool, work on the second story outside your home, prepare meals, provide any pet or children related services, wet wiping light fixtures, putting away dishes & plant care. Also, we cannot use our own vacuum cleaners if there is an insect infestation in your home. We reserve the right to decline a job if we feel that it poses a safety risk to our maids.

Do you clean/shampoo carpets?

Yes we do! All you have to do is select carpet cleaning on our online booking form and how many rooms you would like cleaned and we will take care of the rest. Please note on your booking confirmation e-mail information regarding carpet shampoo.

What carpet cleaning machines do you use?

We use a number of different carpet cleaning machines. Relax knowing that all are professional, high quality machines and will do a great job of making your carpets sparkle!

How long does carpet cleaning take?

We estimate around 45 minutes per room and additional time to completely (overnight if possible) dry.

May I walk on the carpet immediately?

No, please let the carpets to dry for at least a few hours (overnight if possible) before walking on them.

How do I redeem a promo code or voucher?

It's easy, all you need to do is include the code on the booking form when asked and the discount will be removed from your booking instantly.

How do I pay?

We take your credit or debit card details at the time of booking, however, we will only collect payment on the day of your cleaning. We accept all major credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards for payment

When will my card be charged?

We will never charge your card before your clean. We will only take payment on the day of your cleaning service. Guaranteed!

Is my card information secure?

Yes it is, our payment technology is provided by Stripe. Their SSL encrypted, PCL compliant system is completely secure and trusted by companies worldwide. You can read more about them on

Will I be charged if I cancel my appointment?

If you cancel your clean before 48 hours of the scheduled time, No. If you cancel your clean with less than 48 hours of your scheduled time we have to charge you a cancellation fee of $70. If you cancel within 5-hours or less of the scheduled start time than we will charge you the full price of your cleaning. If you re-book a clean with Super Maids within 180 days then the total booking amount will be applied towards your cleaning total less $25 travel fee.

Are you insured?

Oh yes! Our comprehensive insurance from Hiscox delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible. Please view our insurance certificate here.

How much insurance do you have?

We have $1,000,000 liability insurance policy from Hiscox. That way you have total peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected. Please view our insurance certificate here. If you have any questions about our policy please email

Can I leave my keys with you?

Of course, if you book a regular clean with us we will always assign the same cleaner to the job. If you would like to leave your keys with us, we will keep them secure by storing them in a locked box where only the office manager has a key and knows which house goes with which key number. Each day cleaners must check any key back in before going home.