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What's the difference between a Standard, Move-in/out or Super clean?

Click here for a detailed explanation of our Standard, Move-in/out and Super clean services.

Do you bring supplies?

Included in your price is all of the equipment & supplies needed to clean your home correctly.

What is cleaned?

Every room in the apartment/home. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, carpets and floors, and extras like inside fridge, oven and windows if selected.

How long will my clean take?

Staff go from room-to-room addressing soiled areas. This takes time, so we can not give a length of time.

Standard VS Super clean?

A Standard service assumes your home is well maintained and just needs tidying up. A Super Clean is for clients who have deferred home maintenance. If there is soap scum, grime on the floors and/or extensive dust, then chances are you need a Super Clean. After your first cleaning we'll lower you to our Standard service.

Who's coming into my home?

We look for staff who genuinely like to please others and understand that this job is hard. We then check their backgrounds using a company called Goodhire, train them to clean the right way, send them out on a test clean with our staff and then insure them.

Are you insured?

Yes. Click here for our updated insurance certificate (opens in new window).

Do I need to be home?

No, you do not. Most clients are away at work when we clean. On the actual booking page there is a spot which requests instructions for entering your home. You can tell us where the key is hidden, your garage door code or to go see concierge.

When can you come?

Click the "Continue Booking Now" button and you will find a calender where you can choose from a range of available dates and times.

How do cleaning plans work?

Our system will automatically schedule your second cleaning exactly 7, 14 or 30-days after your first cleaning, at the exact time. This will continue unless you log-in or call to change your preferred date and time.

Discounts for cleaning plans?

Yes. The actual booking form will present to you the associated discounts for each plan.

I have pets?

We're pet friendly but we ask that let us know because some of our cleaners have allergies so we don't send them.

How do I pay?

We only accept cards. To protect your information our entire site is SSL secured.

What if I have more questions?

We're standing by, call us at (800) 838-6545.

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Welcome to Super Maids: Stamford House Cleaning Service

Super Maids is a locally owned and operated Stamford house cleaning service. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning service for your loved one, a business, or your personal residence, you have come to the right place. We are a team of Stamford cleaning professionals who take pride in our work, and treat our customers as an extension of our family, we are sensitive to your needs, and customize your cleaning based on those needs.

Super Maids’ Super Maids Cleaning

We hope you like Super Maids vision and give us the chance to become your Stamford CT cleaning service. We look forward to speaking with you, and hope to have you as a member of our Super Maids family.

Stamford Apartment Cleaning

People with a busy schedule are often too busy to do much more than a precursory cleaning of their home, apartment or condo. Our professional Stamford apartment cleaners are thorough, friendly and efficient in their jobs. We are well trained and have the experience to do service right.

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Stamford Additional Cleaning Services

Green Clean
Our Stamford Green Cleaning service can be added additionally to any of our cleaning packages, this cleaning option includes use of the industry award winning Seventh Generation Cleaning Products, or Green Sealed Certified products.

Interior Wall Cleaning
Detail cleaning of interior walls, power outlets, light switches, and doors, all minor stains removed. Door handles and high contact points cleaned and sanitized.

Services We Provide In Stamford, CT

  • Apartment cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Recurring Cleaning Service
  • Maid Service
  • House Cleaning Service

Other Areas We Provide Cleaning Services Near Stamford

Fairfield County: Bethel, CT-Bridgeport, CT-Brookfield, CT-Danbury, CT-Darien, CT-Easton, CT-Norwalk, CT-Redding, CT-Ridgefield, CT-Shelton, CT-Sherman, CT-Fairfield, CT-Greenwich, CT-Monroe, CT-New Canaan, CT-New Fairfield, CT-Newtown, CT-Stratford, CT-Trumbull, CT-Weston, CT-Westport, CT-Wilton, CT

Like most of Northeastern United States, the summers in Stamford, Connecticut, are warm and humid. Winters in lower Fairfield county can get very cold. The year-round climate is wet and cloudy. Molds and mildew are a common occurrence. Homes cleaned by sanitizing and disinfecting are vital in this region.


What do cleaning services include?

The services at Super Maids, a top-rated maid and house cleaning services Stamford CT provider, include top to bottom cleaning on living areas, bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms. Depending on the number of rooms and owner requirements, standard cleaning includes the provision of two professionally trained maids (passed background check) that are experienced, thorough, and reliable.

Contact us to hire reliable house cleaning Stamford CT professionals in Stamford and surrounding areas.

What does basic cleaning include?

Basic cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, dusting picture frames and shelves, wiping glass, remaking beds and changing linens, tidying up the general appearance of the room, removing trash, shaking rugs, sweeping, and vacuuming the floor. The kitchen sinks are scrubbed. Faucets and countertops are wiped. The toilet is scrubbed and sanitized from the inside out. The trash can is sanitized and relined.

For the kitchen, all fixtures are dusted. Windows cleaning should include disinfecting too. All soiled dishes are loaded in the dishwasher. The cooking areas are also wiped clean, including the backsplash and stove fan. All appliances are sanitized on the outside too. Our home cleaning in Stamford CT will also spot clean light switches and the exterior of all cabinets. Lastly, the floors are washed and polished. Your now cleaned home will be pleasantly squeaky clean.

What does deep cleaning include?

We understand that your home has deep cleaning needs every now and then. Our deep residential cleaning services is a complete service for a clean and sparkling home.

Deep cleaning includes all basic cleaning plus those listed under Super Clean services. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas’ baseboards are spot cleaned and vacuumed. All cushions are removed and carefully vacuumed.

How can I find local house cleaners near me?

Type in your zip code at our cleaning company website when you look for house cleaners near you. Choose your home size, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms. Assess your home’s needs and choose among which kind of maid service that you need.

Our cleaning company offers standard clean, super clean, or move in and move-out cleaning. More so, we also have post construction cleaning services in Stamford. After 60 seconds, you’ll receive a schedule, including an online estimate cost for cleaning your home. Expect a fair price estimate with more savings when you book regularly (bi-weekly or weekly services).

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

A home that is cleaned regularly still needs a deep cleaning. Following a list in detail, clean homes become sparkling clean. Your house should be deep cleaned every month. Aside from being deep cleaned, your kitchen appliances (dishwasher and laundry machine) need a deep, thorough clean starting from the inside. Also, dust or wipe your light fixtures. Your windows also need wiping and disinfecting.

Every three months, certain aspects of your home need to be attended to. We know that people in Fairfield counties love their thin-crust pizza. Your oven needs to be wiped clean, or you may need to scrub it more regularly if it starts to have foul smells or emit smoke. Garbage disposal and drains need to be cleaned too. The fridge and freezer need to be sanitized and disinfected too.

Every six months, you can scrub and disinfect your showerheads. Special attention to detail should be provided on your upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

Our experienced house cleaners have masks, gloves, and shoe guards. They bring environmentally ready cleaning supplies (not toxic cleaning products) and equipment (including vacuum). They’re also well-versed on preventing cross-contamination. In particular, our local house cleaners use color-coded towels and mop pads. You can trust our local house cleaners as they are background-checked and they have years of experience cleaning homes from top to bottom as thoroughly as possible.

Having arrived on time, our professional house cleaners in Stamford will make your home sparkle.

How do professional cleaners clean a house?

From top to bottom – this is how professional cleaners do it. A reliable house cleaner brings his or her own cleaning supplies and efficiently cleans a home. The best way to clean a house efficiently and thoroughly is to clear the rooms and surrounding areas of all clutter first. Then, focus on one task at a time. For example, sweeping the whole house first is better than finishing one room at a time. It does save time and effort in gathering up what you need and not repeating the tasks per room.

When our trusted maids arrive on time, you may give our reliable house cleaners special instructions on cleaning and taking care of some items.

How long does it take to clean a house?

It would take an hour or 60 minutes for a 4-person professional team of cleaning the house for every 1,000 sq ft. The median American home size is a little over 2,300 sq ft. it would take a time frame of two hours or more for your house to be thoroughly cleaned, depending on the number of persons cleaning the home, the size of the home, or the type of cleaning required.

Other Cities We Serve in Connecticut

In addition to Stamford, Super Maids offers house cleaning services and maid services in the following cities in the state of Connecticut:

Bethel · Bridgeport · Brookfield · Danbury · Darien · Easton · Fairfield · Greenwich · Monroe · New Canaan · New Fairfield · Newtown · Norwalk · Redding · Ridgefield · Shelton · Sherman · Stratford · Trumbull · Weston · Westport · Wilton