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What's the difference between a Standard, Move-in/out or Super clean?

Click here for a detailed explanation of our Standard, Move-in/out and Super clean services.

Do you bring supplies?

Included in your price is all of the equipment & supplies needed to clean your home correctly.

What is cleaned?

Every room in the apartment/home. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, carpets and floors, and extras like inside fridge, oven and windows if selected.

How long will my clean take?

Staff go from room-to-room addressing soiled areas. This takes time, so we can not give a length of time.

Standard VS Super clean?

A Standard service assumes your home is well maintained and just needs tidying up. A Super Clean is for clients who have deferred home maintenance. If there is soap scum, grime on the floors and/or extensive dust, then chances are you need a Super Clean. After your first cleaning we'll lower you to our Standard service.

Who's coming into my home?

We look for staff who genuinely like to please others and understand that this job is hard. We then check their backgrounds using a company called Goodhire, train them to clean the right way, send them out on a test clean with our staff and then insure them.

Are you insured?

Yes. Click here for our updated insurance certificate (opens in new window).

Do I need to be home?

No, you do not. Most clients are away at work when we clean. On the actual booking page there is a spot which requests instructions for entering your home. You can tell us where the key is hidden, your garage door code or to go see concierge.

When can you come?

Click the "Continue Booking Now" button and you will find a calender where you can choose from a range of available dates and times.

How do cleaning plans work?

Our system will automatically schedule your second cleaning exactly 7, 14 or 30-days after your first cleaning, at the exact time. This will continue unless you log-in or call to change your preferred date and time.

Discounts for cleaning plans?

Yes. The actual booking form will present to you the associated discounts for each plan.

I have pets?

We're pet friendly but we ask that let us know because some of our cleaners have allergies so we don't send them.

How do I pay?

We only accept cards. To protect your information our entire site is SSL secured.

What if I have more questions?

We're standing by, call us at (800) 838-6545.

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Ready for Professional House Cleaning?

Super Maids excels in providing superior maid service for families in Oviedo. Our professional maids are available to help you manage your home. Super Maids Cleaning Service offers cleaning plans to fit both with your busy lifestyle and budget, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Residential cleaning service in Oviedo is our sole business and one that we take pride in providing to Oviedo residents. Call (407) 917-0848 to discuss a cleaning plan to suit your needs.

It’s a constant and never ending chore to keep your beautiful Oviedo home clean and let’s face it, your busy schedule does not make it any easier. Why not book a Super Maids house cleaning service in Oviedo? You work tirelessly all week long. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of additional work at the expense of your family time.

Super Maids cleaning professionals are trained to clean your Oviedo home efficiently and thoroughly. We use the best equipment during each clean, shark vacuums, microfiber cloths, and safe, effective Better Life green cleaning solutions.

Maid Services In Oviedo By Super Maids

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep & mop floors
  • Dust & polish furniture & fixtures
  • Dust mill-work (windows, doors, mantles, stair rails)
  • Tidy up & organize
  • Clean counters
  • Wipe down cabinets
  • Clean sinks, tubs, showers & toilets
  • Take out trash
  • Clean appliances inside/out
  • Clean windows & mirrors
  • Clean tile & grout
  • Change towels
  • Change sheets/make beds


What does maid service mean?

“Maid service” is a term people often use to describe a specific house cleaning service or apartment cleaning and janitorial service, provided to individuals in residential premises or in businesses. If you are in need of a reliable maid service provider or efficient cleaning services in Oviedo, our professional house cleaners will be there to assist you in all your cleaning needs. Know that we always make a background check on each house cleaner that we send your way, so rest assured that you can entrust them your home and they will help you make your house looking clean and spotless.

You may choose to avail any of our cleaning services, be it for a house cleaning or a move out cleaning, and have it customized according to your home’s needs. But first, we need to assess and figure out whether your space needs some basic cleaning or deep cleaning in order for our helpers to start cleaning your home. If you have scheduled a cleaning in Oviedo, you may also book our extra services for an additional charge. These services include professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and cleaning inside of your cabinets, oven, and fridge.

What does maid service mean?

Typically, a basic cleaning service includes light cleaning, decluttering, and organizing in the common areas of the house, and doing general cleaning chores such as light dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of all floors as well as cleaning the bathrooms, including its mirrors, toilets, showers, and baths, as well as grout cleaning; tidying up the kitchen, which includes wiping down appliances, counters, sinks, and cabinet doors; washing and drying dishes and putting them away; and changing bed linens and making the beds. As for our standard format, our basic cleaning services would include tidying up the general appearance of the room; dusting light fixtures, ceiling fans, reachable vents, window sills and blinds; dusting picture frames and shelves; wiping down light switches, door frames, mirrors, and glass fixtures; wiping down of coffee table and end tables, and dusting of lamp shades; cleaning and tidying up entryway or mud room; removing trash, cleaning and relining wastebaskets; and to shake floor mats and mop all floors, be it tile, vinyl, or wood floors. If you know someone who just bought an Oviedo house and are in need of a move in/move out cleans, or if you’re someone who thinks your house needs a basic clean or a deep clean soon, our house cleaners will give you a free estimate of a starting cost or an average hourly rate, based on the kind of cleaning that needs to be done at your place. Worry no more about your cleaning troubles as you can depend on us to send an amazing cleaning solution right to your doorstep.

Is hiring a cleaner worth it?

If you are wondering and asking yourself, “Am I going to get my money’s worth once I have availed a cleaner’s services?” then our answer to that is a big YES! Looking for house cleaners near you is actually necessary, especially when you’re already overwhelmed with work, tied to other responsibilities, and too stressed out on how to keep your house clean. You will realize that availing maid services is actually worth it when you get to spend more time attending to other important tasks, and you see the outstanding result of our cleaners’ hard work. If you’re in Central Florida and looking for helpers cleaning near you, consider availing maid service in Oviedo FL. Whether your house is located around Lake Mary, Twin Rivers, Winter Park, or Winter Springs, we can always do house cleaning in and around Oviedo. Just reach out to us for a professional cleaning service, and we will provide instant cleaning solutions to all your cleaning needs. We will be there to help you clean your home and make it a comfortable and safe place for you and your loved ones to live in.

Why should you hire a house cleaner?

There are a couple of reasons as to why you should avail a house cleaning service and you don’t need Google to find out the pros that come with it. For one, you already have a lot on your plate, and it’s already quite impossible to keep your home clean on your own. For those times when you’re too busy to do house cleaning chores and you’re looking into hiring a maid in FL who can help you with all your house cleaning needs—someone who pays attention to detail and is very meticulous when it comes to working on their tasks or finishing a project, we have just the perfect cleaning solution for you. Let us send you a dependable house cleaner who pays good attention to details, and will help you keep your home in Oviedo Florida looking impressively spotless.

Getting a professional cleaning service in Orlando, Florida is most suitable and convenient for you, as our house cleaners are reliable, efficient, and have meticulous attention to details. You just have to sit back and relax, and worry no more about the entire cleanup. Another good reason as to why it is a great idea to hire a local house cleaner, is you get to save more money by not spending on expensive cleaning supplies and equipment. Our professional house cleaners will provide all equipment and supplies except trash bags and a toilet bowl brush.

How many times a month should you clean your house?

As we do not want to risk our health and that of our families, ideally, we should have our house cleaned for at least twice a week. Since the lifespan of a germ varies depending on the surface it holds on to, we have to make sure that our sheets get changed for at least once a week, our sinks disinfected every day, and our floors, door knobs, and bathrooms washed at least once a week, since these areas accumulate a lot of bacteria. If you happen to be around Winter Springs FL or in need of a regular house cleaning in Oviedo FL, our local house cleaners based in Oviedo will be more than happy to serve you. Our Super Maids offer basic cleans and deep cleans after making a free estimate of the cleaning that needs to be done into your home. You may also book us for a recurring clean anytime as we have a flexible schedule. Our customer service will be pleased to entertain your inquiries. We’re available by phone and online 7 days a week so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We assure you that your house will become clean and completely spotless when you avail our home cleaning service in Oviedo Florida.

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

As a house owner, it is important that you set specific schedules for a deep clean for the individual parts of your house. Typically for bathrooms, you have to get it deep cleaned at least once a week since it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. For your bedroom, it is advisable that you clean your pillows every quarter, while your mattresses, duvets, and blankets should be cleaned every six months. Best to check with a local launderette in Oviedo FL if they offer to wash large blankets and duvets. As for deep cleaning your kitchen, it is important that the appliances used for food preparations and cooking get deep cleaned too on a regular basis—the microwave should be deep cleaned once a week; the refrigerator every month, while the oven needs a deep clean once it starts to smell of smoke, or previously cooked food.

Keep in mind that just like the bathrooms, the living areas in your house need deep cleanings too. This should cover carpet cleaning, skirting, and dusting and wiping down blinds, windows, and wood work. Carpets should be vacuumed every week with a deep clean every six to 12 months. Skirting boards should be done every quarter, while windows, blinds, and drapes should be dusted and wiped down every three months.

If you know anyone who just purchased an Oviedo house and might be in need of a deep clean service for their home, or if a relative or friend of yours who resides near Oviedo needs helpers who do deep cleaning near them, recommend us to them so that we can send them a trustworthy house cleaner they can depend on, to help keep their homes clean and organized.

We understand that you might feel hesitant to have strangers clean your home so for your own peace of mind and to show you that we care for your safety, we had our helpers’ backgrounds checked first so we can confidently verify to you and all our other clients that our house maids’ records are all clean, prior to providing a home cleaning service. To anyone who resides in Oviedo FL or anyone with a house in Winter Springs, Winter Park, or Lake Mary who are in need of cleaning services for their home, please contact our cleaning company, and leave the hard work to our dependable maids. We also do move out cleanings near Oviedo, and anywhere in Florida.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Aside from the basic standard clean services, our deep house cleaning service includes vacuuming and mopping of all floors, stairs, and all carpet crevices. Our Super Maids will also wash and double scrub your bathroom tub, grout, and shower tiles to remove all soap build up and make it even look cleaner and better than it used to be. We will also wash all doors, countertops, mini blinds, backsplashes, baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and your light fixtures and light switch plates. Your moldings, woodwork, cabinet fronts, windowsills, pictures, and knick-knacks will be dusted and hand wiped. We will also vacuum your blinds and shutters, lamps and lampshades, and polish your furniture. Your stovetops and drip pans will be scrubbed, and your mirrors will be cleaned all the way to top. All the beds will be made. And lastly, we will make sure to empty, wash, and reline your wastebaskets.

In case you want us to customize our cleaning service according to your needs, just let us know and we will be happy to grant your request. We will provide you a list of additional services we can provide for both one time and returning customers. We may require an additional charge for extra cleaning services but only for a small cost.

Do house cleaners bring their own supplies?

As stated earlier, all our trained Super Maids will provide all equipment and supplies except for trash bags and a toilet bowl brush, so we expect that you will provide these items to our house cleaners before they start working on their house cleaning tasks.

What is the difference between a maid and housekeeper?

The terms “maid” and “housekeeper” are actually two different things and although they seem to sound similar, they shouldn’t be confused with one another. Know their differences so you can figure out which one should you hire. A maid is someone you can hire on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to help tidy up your home. They can be sourced out from an agency, and they are mostly hired for periodic heavy house cleaning. Before sending out a maid to a household, the agencies would have her background checked to make sure that their clients’ safety are protected. Maids are assigned to visit their clients’ houses to work on deep cleaning tasks, which need to be done for only a few times in a month or year. Housekeepers, on the other hand, are employed to be a full-time, stay-in helper, assigned to clean the house on a daily basis. They usually do more than just clean the house, as they take a wide range of roles in order to manage the household running smoothly, which include washing, ironing, and folding of clothes; doing grocery shopping and restocking personal care items; picking up dry cleaning and running more errands for the household; taking out the trash; walking the dog and taking care of other pets that live in the household; preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals; and taking care of the kids and helping them get off to school. Now that you know the difference between a maid and a housekeeper, it will be easier for you now to decide which one is right for your home.

What makes a good house cleaner?

A good house cleaner is often consistent with the quality of work he produces every single time, and just keeps on meeting the expectations of his clients. You can tell that a house cleaner is good if he pays great attention to details, and doesn’t miss a spot or a hidden mess in your home. A house cleaner is good when he takes pride in his work, and remains respectful of the people around him. Another important quality of a good house cleaner is honesty. If an unfortunate thing happens while doing a house cleaning service, a good house cleaner should be honest and upfront to the client so as to address the problem right away. Aside from being honest, a good house cleaner should also be trustworthy and wouldn’t spread any private and sensitive information to others about the client. A great house cleaner should also be punctual and must know how to budget his time wisely. It is also ideal to have a house cleaner who has a good sense of humor and doesn’t get too stressed out with house work. Finally, a good house cleaner should have a healthy mind and body, and has a high endurance to work on a lot of tasks. We are proud to say that our very own Super Maids are good, disciplined house cleaners with these amazing qualities, we’re sure you will be satisfied with their hard work, and they will not give you any stress at all. So call us to book a home cleaning service soon, wherever you are in Florida, and we will make your life better and home cleaner!

Other Cities We Serve in Florida

In addition to Oviedo, Super Maids offers house cleaning services and maid services in the following cities in the state of Florida:

Altamonte Springs · Apopka · Avalon Park · Baldwin Park · Bay Hill · Brickell · Casselbery · Clermont · Heathrow · Hunters Creek · Jacksonville Beach · Jacksonville · Kissimmee · Lake Mary · Lake Nona · Longwood · Maitland · Miami Beach · Miami · Montverde · Orlando · Windermere · Winter Garden · Winter Park · Winter Springs